Meet the growers

Meet some of the farmers who raise the sheep that make the finest wool for Just Shorn™ carpets and rugs, making your home more beautiful.

Hinerangi Station

Sam and Sarah von Dadelszen

Waipukurau, New Zealand

  • 2400 acres
  • 6,500 sheep - mainly Romney or Romney Coopworth
  • Farmed by Sam's family since 1901
  • Climate: Wet winters and very dry, hot summers

Te Whangai Farm

Hamish de Lautour

Southern Hawkes Bay, NZ

  • Farmed by the de Lautours for three generations.
  • Climate: Generally mild, with hot dry summers. There will usually be one snowfall in the winter, but it doesn't last long.
  • 15,000 Romney sheep.

Snowdon Station

Anabel Tripp and Roy Veronese

Windwhistle, New Zealand

  • Farmed by Annabel's family since 1946.
  • Climate is alpine. Winters are long and frosts are frequent. Average 12 snowfalls a year. Very windy.
  • 9000 sheep.

Awakiki Ridges

Howie Gardner

South Otago, New Zealand

  • Farmed by the Gardners for three generations.
  • Climate: Cool and temperate. Highs in winter around 43 F and 86 F in summer with medium rainfall.
  • 8500 breeding ewes and 2800 young sheep.

Sheep Dogs

  • Farmers tell the dogs what to do using short commands and whistles.
  • Andrew's working dogs are Watt, Queen, Lynn & Gus.
  • The two kinds of dogs are heading dogs, who control to flock from the front, and the huntaway.


  • At even just one day old, the lambs start to frolic and play.
  • Many children in New Zealand have hand-reared a lamb, bottle feeding and caring for them as pets.
  • Millions of lambs are born on farms across New Zealand every spring.


  • Sheep do not naturally shed their warm woolly coats, so are shorn each summer.
  • Cam Ferguson became the World Champion Individual Shearer at the annual competition in Wales, 2010.
  • An average sheep's fleece weighs approximately 10 lbs.